Is Long Term Happiness for You? Ask Yourself This One Question

Long-term Happiness starts with acknowledging that you have control over what you say and do. Many people live life according to the reactionary rule of “things happen to me”, instead of making decisions based on a desired outcome. This happens in relationships, jobs, health, and money - but each choice you make builds the future. The concept of choice can be hard to stomach – Not only does it mean you have control, it also means you have to accept responsibility for end results – ultimately, you have been and will always be dictating where you are now, and where you will go. It’s no longer “things happening”, but a carefully decided component where your input matters most.

Your choices will show you everything you need to know about where you’re going…


If you neglect eating healthy and exercising, your body reflects that.

If you neglect relationships, the connections will reflect that.

If you neglect your work, your career will suffer.

If you neglect making choices for the future, you will be in the same place you are now.


If you nurture a healthy lifestyle, your body will reflect that.

If you nurture relationships, the connection will reflect that.

If you nurture and respect your work, your work nurtures and respects you.

If you nurture choices for accomplishing long-term goals, your happiness will reflect that.


But how do you choose to change?


Psychology teaches us that humans are hardwired to take the path of least resistance - which means your brain is actively working against you when you try to create change. This is why kicking old habits can be daunting and welcoming new habits can seem so unattainable. Your brain and body insist that you resist anything new and keep everything the same – this shows up in different mental manifestations, and can present itself in the form of fear, anxiety, rejection, desire, confusion, anger or dullness. But letting these emotions stop you from moving forward is also a choice.


Exercising will power and taking responsibility for actions will lead you to true happiness.


Once you push through the inevitable temporary discomfort, your brain and body will begin to like and crave the new habits you’ve acquired. With awareness, practice, and a lot of patience, getting from where you are, to where you want to be becomes easier. Overtime you create a roadmap on how to accomplish change - it is a predictable pattern that begins with resistance and ends on the road to self-fulfilled and long-term happiness.


To nurture your future, ask yourself the following question:


How will this decision bring me closer to my long-term goals?


If the answer is “It won’t.” – you know what to do.