My self-healing journey started as a teenager, when I became frustrated with the lack of resources available for me to “do things in my own way”. I was what my parents would call a stubborn child - I always liked to do things on my own and I never did things without questioning why. The gift of stubbornness has lead me to investigating hundreds of teachers and guides in psychology, personal development and spirituality through workshops, books, classes, videos, trainings and mentors over the last 16+ years and ultimately it has lead me to the heart of what I teach and practice: First, you are you own healer and second, you can only find the answers for yourself.
— Leslie Cottle

Leslie is a sound and meditation facilitator and a teacher of growth mindset and alignment with the self. 

Her work is dedicated to helping people free themselves from their mental chatter and self-imposed expectations through realignment with themselves from within. 

Her programs and coaching focus on providing resources for self-healing, using guidance and practices from psychology, personal development, and spirituality. Leslie’s mission is to empower her clients to create conscious transformations and to live lives full of authenticity, joy and emotional freedom.

Her meditation and sound experiences have been featured at VINCE, Healthy on the Hudson, and Reflections Center for Conscious Living and Yoga. Leslie has been trained in loving and kindness meditation through the Nalanda Institute partnered with The Path, and sound meditation with WOOM Center. She resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Ways to work with Leslie include group events,1:1 coaching, consulting, and partnerships. To inquire about working together, please email her here.